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このwebサイトは、いままでの作品やイベント、ライブパフォーマンスなどを抜粋したもの。ご質問・ご要望など、お問合せ、もしくはお電話(下部記載)にてお気軽にどうぞ。名古屋市在住ですが、みなさまのご縁と美味しいもの(+お酒)につられて地球上ならどこでもニコニコ、出かけてゆきます。   (2014年までのwebサイトはコチラ⇒ http://www.dali-b.com)

Welcome to the website of Calligraphic Artist  Hiroko Watanabe!Hiroko Watanabe, she keeps doing  creative activities mainly through "Sho"( calligraphy), without belong to any association and agency.This website introduces you her artworks , events and live performance in her path so far.

Based in Nagoya-city, central Japan however her magic brush is ready to fly anywhere,  inspired by great food, wines and also by " 縁 en" destiny.

Hope you enjoy her world and see you sometime.

Please feel free to send us message, questions and request via "inquiry: http://www.hirokowatanabe-sho.com/address-and-mail/"  .
                                                                                                                                          See details her work before 2014  ⇒ http://www.dali-b.com



渡部裕子 hirokowatanabe
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